There’s nothing like a great conversation. You know the face-to-face kind, where you move beyond small talk, explore a topic, and really engage with others.

A great conversation is powerful; it uplifts and enlightens, challenges and excites. It’s never one-sided and it’s impossible to recreate on text-based forums, blog posts, or messages limited to a couple hundred characters.

In 2015, we set out to build potluck.chat, a video chat platform that fosters a more meaningful way to connect online. Potlucks have long stood as events that bring communities of people together to deepen connection and share conversation...

And that’s what we’re doing. By leveraging the latest video chat technology, a simple, intuitive user interface, and an innovative format, we’ve made it as easy as possible for organizations and groups to host virtual events that bring people together to pursue hobbies, advance causes, network with peers, and share skills. Breakout groups, core to our platform’s experience, enhance one-sided webinars and virtual conferences, and provide an ideal setting for social interaction, community-building, and networking-focused events. Here’s the team that’s making it happen:


Alan Gibson

Co-Founder, Chairman

Dillon Myers

Co-Founder, CEO

Jim Matthews

Co-Founder, CFO

Anthony Harley


Carole Heine

Director of Business Development